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Huawei Opens a Cybersecurity Transparency Center in the Heart of Europe

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[Image: huawei-logo-ces-crop.jpg]

           Huawei has come out more aggressive than ever, going up against any and all criticism, and opening a *Cyber-Security Transparency Center* in Europe. This is amid tough resistance from the US, and the majority of the *Five-Eyes Alliance.* The US and several of its allies see Huawei as a major security threat; citing that their phones could be used as a vector of attack and severely compromise important networks. 

     Huawei has, since the start, refuted such claims. Stating that their phones wouldn't contain any back-doors or be used to spy in any way or shape or form. But despite constant pleading by Huawei's CEO, and other associated executives respectively,  and considering the Orwellian behavior of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party], the telaco giant is still under heavy scrutiny. 

     The opening of the transparency center is alongside multiple meetings between Huawei's CEO and state officials at the Mobile World Congress, the CEO Ken Hu went to discuss 5G Network security, and overall security of the Huawei product. These discussions went on as one would have expected; the point was made, but it didn't remove any suspicions. Its appearing that if Huawei wants to remove any and all doubt from their intentions, they are going to have to work very hard. 

     Original article can be found here,

     That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.


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